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Man bags 6 years imprisonment, for beating his ex-girlfriend who cheated on him

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A man has been charged to court for  with assaulting his ex-girlfriend, he  blamed his neighbors for misleading him that his ex-lover was cheating on him during their engagement.

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The Kenyan man identified as Samuel Otika Ongau who pleaded guilty to assaulting Consolata Safina, told the court the neighbors repeatedly told him that Safina was cheating something that he claimed was so hurting prompting him to attack her.

During a court proceeding that was followed by TUKO.co.ke the accused explained that he attacked the complainant while he was drunk asking Senior Resident Magistrate (SRM) Eric Mutunga to forgive him for the crime.

“Your honor I took the lady when she had nothing. I gave her everything as a man and we were living together until the day she came and said that we should break up.

Soon after, my neighbors started telling me that she was seeing with someone and I could not swallow it anymore,” Samuel told the quiet court.

The accused person said he was forced to go at a nearby joint where he got drunk and later went to attack her girlfriend.

He asked the court to allow him come talk to her ex-girlfriend so as they could agree on various issues including settling hospital bills.

However, Safina, the complainant told the state prosecutor Martin Masila that she was not ready to reconcile with the suspect and that he should carry his own cross since the matter was now in court.

The magistrate however, dismissed her argument and sentenced him for 6 years in jail.

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