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Kidnapped girls not in Ghana; they’ll NEVER be found— Eagle Prophet REVEALS

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The Founder and General overseer of God’s Crown Chapel Prophet Reindolph Oduro popularly known as Eagle Prophet has declared that the three kidnapped girls from Takoradi will never be found.

The Eagle Prophet said he is sad that the girls will not be found, revealing that they are currently not in Ghana.

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The Popular Ghanaian prophet said it would be totally impossible to get them back.

A Nigerian, Samuel Wilis was arrested in Ghana for allegedly kidnapping the three young girls. He has refused to be speak, unless to say he was aided by CID officials to escape.

Police in Ghana said that their investigations revealed that Wilis spearheaded the kidnapping of the three girls.

The girls were kidnapped on August 17, 2018 but public outcry over the incident only intensified last month. They are between the ages of 15 and 21 years.

“Before his [the accused] arrest what actually happened was that there was a catalogue of calls between the accused person and victim(s) which were analysed and the police established connection of the accused person to the three kidnap cases,” police commander in Western Region Redeemer Vincent Dedjoe told journalists.

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Dedjoe stated that Wilis contacted his alleged victims several times in a mobile conversation, promising them employment until their disappearance.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2019

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