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Instagram App In Sandbox Mode But You Want It To Go Live? Here Is How

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So, earlier today, I tried to set up Instagram login for NetDivo forum i.e I want to make it possible for users to login to the Nigerian forum using their Instagram accounts.

After completing the instagram developer registration form for a new application at www.instagram.com/developer, I discovered that the Instagram client I created is in Sandbox mode (i.e not yet LIVE).

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When I tried to login to the NetDivo forum using my Instagram account, I noticed the error message : “this app is in sandbox mode and can only be authorized by sandbox users“.

instagram app development

After reading the Instagram developers documentation, I discovered that I will have to submit the instagram app for review before it can be upgraded from sandbox mode to live mode.

How To Submit Instgram App for Review

Sign in to www.instagram.com/developer

Click “Manage Clients’

Click “Manage” next to the Instagram client you want to submit for review

Click the “Permissions” tab

Click “Start Submission”.

Select the use case that best describes the instagram integration.

You will be asked how your app uses the Instagram API, how it falls into one of the approved use cases, and who will be using your app (brands, advertisers, general public, etc.).

You will also be required to provide a link to a video screencast showing the experience in your app.

The result of your submission will appear in the same Permissions tab. Note that you will not be able to submit again until your submission have been reviewed.

I hope this helps.

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