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BREAKING NEWS: Two women gang-raped to DEATH at Abrepo in Kumasi [Attached PICTURES]

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Residents of Abrepo have been thrown into a state of shock as two middle-aged women have been gang-raped to death and their bodies dumped in the suburb of the Kumasi Metropolis in the Ashanti region, MyNewsGh.com reports.

The lifeless bodies of the deceased were discovered in the
early hours of Thursday March 21, 2019 near a stream.

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The deceased women according to the residents are unknown in
the vicinity but it is suspected that they were killed elsewhere and dumbed in
the vicinity by unknown assailants.

When MyNewsGh.com reporters got to the scene, residents who have obviously been awed by the incident surrounded the lifeless bodies of the deceased.

The ladies, one fair and the other dark in complexion had obviously struggled with their assailants who might have raped them as MyNewsGh.com reporters observed their skirts had been pulled down to their knees and their blouses to their necks, exposing their loins and cleavages in the process.

In the case of the fair lady, lying prostrate, her brassiere
covered her breasts but her private part lay bare, spotting colourful beads
around her waist but no traces of sexual contact would be immediately
established, judging from the state and position of her lifeless body.

Few meters away laid the dark lady, had been positioned in
the “doggy sex style” position while her head and palms had been
pinned to the ground, and with her skirt unwrapped up to her knees exposing her
backside to the air.

The Abrepo area, according to the residents is becoming unsafe
as there have been reports of robbery and murder in recent months.

As at the time of filing this story, the lifeless bodies of the slain ladies still lay at the scene as the police was yet to attend to them.

Source:MyNewsGh.com/Stephen Zoure/2019

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