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Bizzare: Teachers Initiate Primary School Students Into Satanism

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Two teachers were sacked from a primary school in Zimbabwe after they were accused of practicing Satanism after pupils collapsed mysteriously.

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After gaining consciousness, they allegedly narrated that they had gone to the “underworld”.

According to source close to the school, one of the teachers had been transferred to another primary school in Gwanda, but the school reportedly refused to accept her.

The source said: “The school head refused to take her in because of the allegations. The matter is being held at the ministry level, but parents are living in fear after hearing of what happened at Lumene.”

According to reports, the situation is said to have started in 2016 after pupils underwent a Health ministry vaccination programme and the community believed the medication had affected them.

When the problem persisted they hired the services of a local prophet to exorcise the school, who in turn allegedly implicated the two teachers saying they were recruiting the pupils into Satanism where they would take them to the ’under the world’ for initiation and the acts where being done through rings which they wore.

The rings were reportedly destroyed with the permission of the teachers, but things came to a head when the pupils reportedly asked to be given blood while in a trance.

On hearing the children’s narrations, the community then ganged up and forced the teachers to leave the school.

Source: tsb.com.ng

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